Monday, 10 August 2009

A new type of handcream!

Well we have had another egg although the chooks stood on it so no breakfast for us! Since then no more eggs. The chooks are beginning to get used to me and all stand in the run looking at me and making cute little noises when I go down with food. Hubby is not so popular as I think they only see him as the nasty man who pounced on them when they arrived. He needs to start feeding them I think. We are letting them out on Wednesday and hope that they will come home easily. I have to say when I have gone down the last few nights they are all tucked up in bed. Quite sweet really. What isn't so sweet is the huge amount of poo that they produce. Thank God we have a big garden as their poo has burnt the grass, you can almost see the smoke! I have even had it on my hands can you believe it.... in order to change their water I have to pick up their water bottles and trays and wash them out. Hands that in Handbag days were smothered in Molton Brown hand cream, now find themselves in cheese days smothered in chicken poo. I am secretly hoping that it is an undiscovered miracle cure for wrinkles .......

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