Thursday, 30 July 2009

Rant Day

Well give me back the city! Tried to register for a dentist today - no NHS dentists at all anywhere in Pembrokeshire. Rant Rant Rant. When I rang the NHS help line up she calmly said oh I can put you on the waiting list - 12 months to wait for a dentist to have the good grace to put little old NHS patients onto their lists. What if I have an emergency I said Oh don;t worry you can ring me up and I will let you know the name of a dentist that will treat you - so they won;t treat you as a preventative measure, but when you have an abcess because you haven't been able to get into a dentist, they will treat you. I just can't believe it!!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Rainy Day

Today it rained and I had the blues. Hubby's last pay check arrived and I realised for the first time in black and white what we have done. It was quite a lot of money to say goodbye to for no real reason. However saying that we will be getting a large chunk of redundancy and our outgoings are a lot less here. Having to open hundreds of boxes I have come to realise how much tat a handbag lifestyle can lead to - where or where we are going to put all this tat I have no idea. We are clearing the cottage we have so that we can rent that out and there is tat coming out of our ears. Never mind there may be a chance to sell some of that tat on e-bay and make a bit of money. Had friends around in the evening and then went for a walk to the estuary and actually rainy day and less money still made me think WOW how lucky and I to live in a beautiful place like this. Walked home to see the sun setting.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Life's a Beach

Today was the day that made me realise why we moved here. Sun, blue sky and a beautiful beach. No need for money apart from a latte opportunity! Hubby surfing with a friend and Son in the sea. Just having a glass of red wine and looking at all the lovely brown beach faces. Bliss!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cheese Moment

Peter's car is due to go back very soon and we had to buy him some wheels, some cheap wheels. So number two on our dream list, a Land Rover Defender, was purchased. Once again the handbag cheese scale was slightly different for Peter and I, my dream was very handbag, a model 2 or 3 years old, royal blue with checkerboard detailing, shiny shiny, and clean, Peter bought a K reg, battleship grey model, with lots of dents, not very shiny, more matt finish, with a Ifor Williams cab on the back.... wouldn't risk taking my handbag in there!

Moonlight Boat Trip

Well this is the first real weekend here in Pembrokeshire and what a weekend!
We had our first friends visiting us and we could not have planned things better...just after they arrived one of our neighbours popped in and offered us a lift back from the pub if we were going that evening. We thought it would be a nice thing to do so off we went to the pub, had a fantastic evening with the kids paddling in the high tide. Then home time, i was looking for a car but oh no we were having a lift home in a boat! Yes a boat! Not being known for my love of boats those close to me were amused at the thought of me on a boat. Well I shocked them all and actually enjoyed the 35 min trip. The moon and stars were out and I even saw a shooting star. We stepped off the quay onto the boat at the start and I didn't give a second thought as to how I was going to get off at the other end. The boat stopped MILES AWAY from the edge of the water and all lovely thoughts went out of my head very quickly. Then the boatman got into a rowing boat and paddled off - mmm I thought I have only met this man once before and here I am marooned in the middle of the estuary on a boat, literally up a creek without a paddle...but he came back with a bigger boat and rescued us.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Final Days

Well we are all exchanged now and it is the last weekend that I will be in Oxford. I have to say I think in my mind I have already moved. Everytime I drive back to Oxford I think yep made the right decision. It is so busy, so crowded etc. Our new neighbours have moved in and they are noisy, and there will be more noise to come! I am a great believer in Karma and our buyer deserves all she gets for trying to beat us down on price the day before we exchanged!! Ha Ha or as our estate agent said Tough Titty! I have a few little worries about Owen settling in and making friends as he has lots of friends who are close by here but he is a popular little boy. The Handbag Demon is also niggling away at me saying are you sure? there are not many shops! but well the practical side of me says there is always the internet!
May take me a while to get back on as I will be offline until the new service is up and running!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

1st July

Well it has been ages since I last posted mainly because I have already started my job in Wales and I have no internet access at the moment!! So a lot has happened. Moved down to our cottage at the moment while the house purchasing system is dragging on and on. I really miss the boys it is so strange without them but in a good way also very relaxing! I have been listening to what I want to listen to, watching my DVD's or "ChickFlicks" as Peter calls them - bliss really. It has been incredibly hard leaving them on a Sunday night though. Very hard indeed.

Anyway new job is great, people are lovely although I do miss my old colleagues, well some of them anyway! The pace of life in Pembrokeshire is really much slower than Oxford which will be great - every time I drive back to Oxford it just seems busier and busier and really crowded. Aaagh I am turning into a country bumpkin already!

I may be able to cling onto the handbag for a little while as there is a beauty salon right next door to my work, although I have yet to find anywhere that sells a latte!!! I had to stop off in the service station on my way back to Oxford as I had been without a latte for over a week! Goodness me indeed.

Anyway just signed the paperwork for our house so that should go through and then I am going to have a nice glass of fizz to celebrate - keep hanging onto those handbag moments!!

Off now may not be on line for some time again as moving etc.