Wednesday, 1 July 2009

1st July

Well it has been ages since I last posted mainly because I have already started my job in Wales and I have no internet access at the moment!! So a lot has happened. Moved down to our cottage at the moment while the house purchasing system is dragging on and on. I really miss the boys it is so strange without them but in a good way also very relaxing! I have been listening to what I want to listen to, watching my DVD's or "ChickFlicks" as Peter calls them - bliss really. It has been incredibly hard leaving them on a Sunday night though. Very hard indeed.

Anyway new job is great, people are lovely although I do miss my old colleagues, well some of them anyway! The pace of life in Pembrokeshire is really much slower than Oxford which will be great - every time I drive back to Oxford it just seems busier and busier and really crowded. Aaagh I am turning into a country bumpkin already!

I may be able to cling onto the handbag for a little while as there is a beauty salon right next door to my work, although I have yet to find anywhere that sells a latte!!! I had to stop off in the service station on my way back to Oxford as I had been without a latte for over a week! Goodness me indeed.

Anyway just signed the paperwork for our house so that should go through and then I am going to have a nice glass of fizz to celebrate - keep hanging onto those handbag moments!!

Off now may not be on line for some time again as moving etc.

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  1. Was there any particular colleague(s) you were missing in Oxford? I must say the quality of those available for a latte has dropped a little since your departure, however I am always on the look out for english hot beverage partners - any takers??