Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Decision Made

Well for years my husband has tried to persuade me to give it all up, get out of the rat race and move to West Wales for a new life. For years I have resisted as the lure of city treats has been too great. I even developed a phrase to sum up these discussions which is the title of my blog Handbag or Cheese? I love my handbags and although i like cheese the opportunities to use and purchase my handbags are limited in West Wales! The little latte stops, facials and massage meant a lot to me and the thought of "downsizing" which would result in a lower income would mean fewer opportunities to indulge. The HC scale was always pointing over to the Handbag side, however in the last six months I have slowly seen the pointer move away from H towards C. Seeing hubby coming in after hours spent on the lovely M25 made me realise there is to more to life than handbags! and cheese isn't so bad after all! So the Cheese moment has finally arrived and I have a new job in West Wales, the family are moving and hubby is leaving his job. Last day in work tomorrow - what will happen?....

1 comment:

  1. Beaufort, tombe de savoie, reblochon.... all fab cheeses
    Luis Vuitton, Chanel, mulberry... all fab bags....
    however my friend a great decision and can't wait for all our pembrokeshire weekends.. and look forward to following the blog.... xx