Sunday, 29 November 2009

Not What it Said on the TIn

Well not been on for a while. Been busy. Went off to a Christmas Craft Fair the other day in Carew Castle - it was billed as having lots of craft fairs, music, mince pies and lots of present ideas. As I love Carew I thought let's go. Off we went and paid the usual entry fee (a bit steep I thought where is the festive spirit?) and we walked into the castle area. I began to have worries when a/I could not see anything, bearing in mind the castle is a ruin I was expecting some kind of marquee or the like, but no, b/ I could not hear anything, and/ there was hardly anyone to be seen. Well off we went in search of this fantastic fair. As I climbed up some stairs I heard the music, but it was a CD of carols, I walked into the room and just wanted to walk straight back out. I can only describe it as tat! there was a bit of glitter and that was it Oh no I forgot there was a lady making christmas tree shaped welsh cakes which were nice. In total I think there were about 4 stalls, one of which was selling crystals and pagan things like that. Very nice, very interesting but hardly christmas like! Well to top it off it was also bloody freezing and I hate the cold so I was miserable! No retail opportunity and it was cold. What made it even worse was the pagan lady told Peter that he was an Oak tree, the strongest and most powerful tree inthe forest - god how smug was he for the rest of the day!!!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Does it show that much?

Well so much rain I was concerned would not be able to have my handbag weekend at the spa. Had a visitor who had kindly bought a supply of Percy Pigs having read my dismay at M&S not moving to Haverfordwest. When I arrived home the Percy Pigs had been eaten by visitor (you know who you are!!) and son. What kind of pressie was that?!!!!
Off to spa in the morning and it was lovely - had a few treatments and then went to check in. Hair had got wet and it had dried naturally so for all those who know me well that did not look pretty! When we asked the receptionist about our dinner reservation she looked at us and said the restaurant does have a dress code you know!! What the hell did she mean - we both looked at her, again she repeated "it does have a dress code you know", well we said we do have posh frocks you know. She did not look convinced. We scrubbed up rather well and managed to demolish a bottle of wine and two kir royals (£12 each!!!!!), but how does it show that I have stepped into the cheese world? Will it be harder for me to have handbag moments the longer I spend in the cheese? only time will tell.....

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Relax and Recharge

Well looking forward to a handbag weekend in a spa with my bestest chum. An overnight trip due to the fact that we have missed out on our usual two nighter at Ragdale due to the move West. Bestest Chum rang Celtic Manor to see when we could get there, 9am they said so cheesey me making the most of the money has decided to arrive at 9.30am! Thought 9am would look a little desparate!! Having lots of treatment and then will come home on Sunday ready for the development of the things to do. things to buy and christmas spreadsheets - I know but every girl needs a spreadsheet if she is to be organised (or sad depending on how you look at it!!). Rental sitting room now looking good, sofas are in, fire is on and we are almost ready for the photos to be taken. Quite excited now. Anyway must ignore all that at the moment and enjoy the weekend. Things kick off tomorrow with a bacon sandwich which is my way of coping with the fact that I now have to work on a Friday!
Hubby still busy with house etc, getting quite good at the cleaning although still needs a little improvement on the cobweb removal technique. Cats - catching vermin very well although more of the sweet little rodents as opposed to the big horrible rats. Eric ( yes I know stupid name for a cat) caught a bat the other day - OMG - but managed to do a Greenpeace rescue, put it on the roof out of harms way. It had gone in the morning which I thought was a good thing but Son said Eric had probably jumped on the roof and ate it!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Darkness like never before

Well I am feeling a little fed up, winter is setting in, so much to do, so little time, Christmas around the corner. I feel the need for a spreadsheet!! We are progressing well on the DIY list, one room left to floor downstairs and then the interior designer (me) can get going and finish that. The rental cottage people are being particularly slow although I do need to wind down to the Pembrokeshire way of life- they call it the Pembrokeshire Promise! Saying they will do something and either not doing it or taking ages to do it. Now that really does not fit with highligh organised way of life!! But I need to slow down that is what we moved here for and I need to remember that when I am stressing out about the huge list of things to do! Work is going well although I am not finding it a struggle to work five days, I am finding it a struggle to acutally be in work for five days if that makes sense?! Actually getting up on a friday morning to go to work is something that is still alien to me after eight years of having Friday off. But I will have to try and use my HR post and write a new flexible working policy!
The one thing that is amazing here is how dark the nights are, like nothing I have seen before. No light polution at all it is incredible especially when it is a clear night with the stars out - Fabulous. But it is also quite depressing driving home in the dark - I do like the sun.
Anyway off to watch Wales v NZ at the weekend which we are really looking forward to so must get back to work!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Polish that Halo!

Had a lovely weekend, down the beach the boys surfing, a great reminder as to why we moved. 25 mins and down at Newgale fantastic! Drank a bit too much on Friday night and the chickens needed cleaning out so I cleaned them out at 8.30am with a headache. Particularly smug I was!! How times have changed, would have spent longer in bed but the lure of the my little chooks needing me forced me up and out. Get that halo polished I am such an angel!!