Monday, 16 November 2009

Does it show that much?

Well so much rain I was concerned would not be able to have my handbag weekend at the spa. Had a visitor who had kindly bought a supply of Percy Pigs having read my dismay at M&S not moving to Haverfordwest. When I arrived home the Percy Pigs had been eaten by visitor (you know who you are!!) and son. What kind of pressie was that?!!!!
Off to spa in the morning and it was lovely - had a few treatments and then went to check in. Hair had got wet and it had dried naturally so for all those who know me well that did not look pretty! When we asked the receptionist about our dinner reservation she looked at us and said the restaurant does have a dress code you know!! What the hell did she mean - we both looked at her, again she repeated "it does have a dress code you know", well we said we do have posh frocks you know. She did not look convinced. We scrubbed up rather well and managed to demolish a bottle of wine and two kir royals (£12 each!!!!!), but how does it show that I have stepped into the cheese world? Will it be harder for me to have handbag moments the longer I spend in the cheese? only time will tell.....


  1. It's a stitch up.....I'm innocent guv, honest! Who'd believe an 8 year old boy who has a penchant for all things sweet? xx

  2. I have to say you have trained hubby beautifully. I haven't been looked after like that in a long time.....looked particularly fetching in the pinny x

  3. I am glad he looked after you well - the training is going well although spotted that some "dust around the pictures without moving them" had been going on so writing up a performance improvement plan for that!!!