Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I don't love you M&S

Not good enough for you are we? Not the right kind of clientele? M&S have pulled out of Haverfordwest as they feel we are not the right kind of shopper! They should have thought of that before they announced their arrival and built my hopes up! I think I will sue for emotional distress! Costa coffee came and we all know that they only come to up and coming areas, which shortly benefit from a house price increase, but NO, not for M&S. Half tempted to boycott them and stop my Mum bringing her food parcel down with her but Percy Pigs are soooooo tempting it is hard to do that!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

I Love You John Lewis

Well I am so glad that all the business planners forsaw my move to Wales before I even knew I was coming. Costa and M&S head offices agreed to move to Haverfordwest and John Lewis's agreed to open the second largest store in the UK in Cardiff! Hubby and I dropped son off in grandparents and went to have a nose with a big shopping list. Spending the money we have at the moment on essentials like new sofas and christmas pressies. We stuck to our budget and did well. We got up at 6.30 as it is a two hour journey and we had to drop son off!!! Arrived at JL at 10.00 and left at 17.00 a great achievement with Hubby I think! We are now well and truly shopped out for some considerable time. We felt that we should go up and have a handbag fix every quarter so that is what we are planning to. I have changed however as I did not carried away with little boxes, and tins the "essentials" that I always used to think I needed. Instead I was practical and stuck to my list, my list did happen to have two large leather sofas, a new laptop and an Ipod Nano, but hey, make hay while the sun shines........

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Life is Good!

What a lovely weekend with good friends and Godson. It was truely handbag with the only cheese being me!! Went to a HSBC launch party for some premier account in Anna Ryder Richardson (a designer from Changing Rooms - remember than programme?) new Manor House Park - I think it was called a safari park but I think that a couple of monkeys and some lamas is pushing it a bit! Anyway free afternoon tea and the offer of free fizz and I was there like a shot. They must have known Latte Queen was coming as the fizz was in very short glass and then gone...... Trying not to look too desparate I frantically searched around for some more of the handbag nectar but alas no... then as we were walking out the waiter came in carrying SIX bottles of the stuff. Now had I been on my own I would have casuallly pretended that I was leaving to find the loo, then I would have stalked him to check out where he was hiding his loot and casually happen to be there when the cork went pop! but as I had guests I left.

But life is still good as today I had a massive skinny latte from Costa in my local town... MY LIFE IS COMPLETE ONCE MORE!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Pembrokeshire Night Life!

I have been invited to the WI Fun Night next Monday - will keep you posted. Can you stand the suspense?!!

Monday, 12 October 2009


Well had the best breakfast ever on Saturday, went down to the quay, £5 for a full fried, mug of tea and a bread roll. YUMMY! The sun was shining on the water, it was absolutely stunning. Met our neighbours down there. It was lovely and met some new people and also saw some familiar faces which was great. One problem ..... the hunt were meeting there after their little outing. Plus side it was great to see the horses, Son loved them, it was lovely to see all those male thighs in jodhpurs (ladies thighs for the hubby!), there was a fantastic sense of community with people chatting away, very friendly. Negative side I really can't stand hunting..... Moral dilemma. Now although I have been know by the name Swampy in the past, (not for bed wetting I will have you know) I am not one to stand in front of diggers chained to a tree shouting at people, BUT I really don;t like the fox killing side of things. Fine if you want to thunder along the fields and put yourself in danger of being whacked off your horse by a branch, but don't kill the little fox. (My view may change if foxy gets one of my chooks). I was asked do I hunt and I said no don't really agree with the killing side of it. I was told they hardly ever kill anything now as they scent drag..... still not too sure. But although in part it was a bit like a Jilly Cooper novel, there were some local farmers there who hunted for the sense of community and to get rid of any foxes that happen to stray their way. Almost everyone and I am not exaggerating, hunts around us, so moral dilemma mingle with the hunters and make new friends or stay at home and become a recluse?!!!!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Am I getting old or is the country way of life?

Not updated for a while, having new floor laid and am now painting the dining room - would have someone in to do it when in handbag life but cheese life DIY - it does take soooo much longer!

Things are good here and The Decision is still viewed as a good one. Son was invited over to play with a friend and met his parents who were nice and had done a similar thing to us, seems we are not alone in this quest for a better life in the country.

Hubby busy with business side of things, getting all the paperwork sorted, nights getting darker so time will tell....

Neighbourly love showed itself again yesterday when we had another delivery this time ducks!! Came home from work yesterday to find Hubby outside with a knife and two dead ducks!! This time Hugh Fearnly Whittingwhatever could not shed any light on how to turn a dead duck into something you find in clingfilm in Waitrose so Hubby had to DIY! - not bad dead duck now in portions in the freezer!

Well the title of the post is all down to this .... had a visitor tonight did I want to join the ........WI!!!! Now I didn;t know whether to be pleased that they wanted me to join in with the community or completely distressed that at a young 40 year old (just gone!) I had been asked to join the WI, the WI for goodness sake.... Then had call from new friend up the road who is also 40 and a bit who had suggested me in the first place. She said it was nice and good to get out once a month and have a gossip. There are 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's there and they meet once a month in the evening. As the winter is coming the 70 year olds are thinking of meeting during the day as it a bit dark at night!!! I am going to have to go I have images of Vicar of Dibley committe meetings.....

Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Latte Queen Lives on

Have a few bits and bobs to update but had to do a quick post today because...........


I can hardly contain myself, not just any coffee shop but my absolute favourite. It surely is our year as M&S is opening at Christmas and John Lewis has moved to Wales!! Well I am overcome with emotion and must go and have a latte!