Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Life is Good!

What a lovely weekend with good friends and Godson. It was truely handbag with the only cheese being me!! Went to a HSBC launch party for some premier account in Anna Ryder Richardson (a designer from Changing Rooms - remember than programme?) new Manor House Park - I think it was called a safari park but I think that a couple of monkeys and some lamas is pushing it a bit! Anyway free afternoon tea and the offer of free fizz and I was there like a shot. They must have known Latte Queen was coming as the fizz was in very short glass and then gone...... Trying not to look too desparate I frantically searched around for some more of the handbag nectar but alas no... then as we were walking out the waiter came in carrying SIX bottles of the stuff. Now had I been on my own I would have casuallly pretended that I was leaving to find the loo, then I would have stalked him to check out where he was hiding his loot and casually happen to be there when the cork went pop! but as I had guests I left.

But life is still good as today I had a massive skinny latte from Costa in my local town... MY LIFE IS COMPLETE ONCE MORE!!

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