Sunday, 25 October 2009

I Love You John Lewis

Well I am so glad that all the business planners forsaw my move to Wales before I even knew I was coming. Costa and M&S head offices agreed to move to Haverfordwest and John Lewis's agreed to open the second largest store in the UK in Cardiff! Hubby and I dropped son off in grandparents and went to have a nose with a big shopping list. Spending the money we have at the moment on essentials like new sofas and christmas pressies. We stuck to our budget and did well. We got up at 6.30 as it is a two hour journey and we had to drop son off!!! Arrived at JL at 10.00 and left at 17.00 a great achievement with Hubby I think! We are now well and truly shopped out for some considerable time. We felt that we should go up and have a handbag fix every quarter so that is what we are planning to. I have changed however as I did not carried away with little boxes, and tins the "essentials" that I always used to think I needed. Instead I was practical and stuck to my list, my list did happen to have two large leather sofas, a new laptop and an Ipod Nano, but hey, make hay while the sun shines........


  1. I can't believe Peter was in JL for 7 hours - what did he have on HIS list? Also, what happened at the WI Fun night (definately an oxymooron if ever I heard one)????

  2. I know he is a changed man I tell you! He had his own agenda - big leather sofas and a lap top!! Still sad about WI Fun night!