Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Am I getting old or is the country way of life?

Not updated for a while, having new floor laid and am now painting the dining room - would have someone in to do it when in handbag life but cheese life DIY - it does take soooo much longer!

Things are good here and The Decision is still viewed as a good one. Son was invited over to play with a friend and met his parents who were nice and had done a similar thing to us, seems we are not alone in this quest for a better life in the country.

Hubby busy with business side of things, getting all the paperwork sorted, nights getting darker so time will tell....

Neighbourly love showed itself again yesterday when we had another delivery this time ducks!! Came home from work yesterday to find Hubby outside with a knife and two dead ducks!! This time Hugh Fearnly Whittingwhatever could not shed any light on how to turn a dead duck into something you find in clingfilm in Waitrose so Hubby had to DIY! - not bad dead duck now in portions in the freezer!

Well the title of the post is all down to this .... had a visitor tonight did I want to join the ........WI!!!! Now I didn;t know whether to be pleased that they wanted me to join in with the community or completely distressed that at a young 40 year old (just gone!) I had been asked to join the WI, the WI for goodness sake.... Then had call from new friend up the road who is also 40 and a bit who had suggested me in the first place. She said it was nice and good to get out once a month and have a gossip. There are 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's there and they meet once a month in the evening. As the winter is coming the 70 year olds are thinking of meeting during the day as it a bit dark at night!!! I am going to have to go I have images of Vicar of Dibley committe meetings.....


  1. Victoria, I look forward to the calendar, can see you as Miss November!!

  2. I agree with Ian, I think the Calendar is a must for you WI peeps!! Those Brownies will cover a multitude of things I feel sure ;o)

  3. Might need considerably bigger brownies.....:-o

  4. Well actually we are going to break the mould and do a fully clothed calendar. Miss November indeed :)