Monday, 12 October 2009


Well had the best breakfast ever on Saturday, went down to the quay, £5 for a full fried, mug of tea and a bread roll. YUMMY! The sun was shining on the water, it was absolutely stunning. Met our neighbours down there. It was lovely and met some new people and also saw some familiar faces which was great. One problem ..... the hunt were meeting there after their little outing. Plus side it was great to see the horses, Son loved them, it was lovely to see all those male thighs in jodhpurs (ladies thighs for the hubby!), there was a fantastic sense of community with people chatting away, very friendly. Negative side I really can't stand hunting..... Moral dilemma. Now although I have been know by the name Swampy in the past, (not for bed wetting I will have you know) I am not one to stand in front of diggers chained to a tree shouting at people, BUT I really don;t like the fox killing side of things. Fine if you want to thunder along the fields and put yourself in danger of being whacked off your horse by a branch, but don't kill the little fox. (My view may change if foxy gets one of my chooks). I was asked do I hunt and I said no don't really agree with the killing side of it. I was told they hardly ever kill anything now as they scent drag..... still not too sure. But although in part it was a bit like a Jilly Cooper novel, there were some local farmers there who hunted for the sense of community and to get rid of any foxes that happen to stray their way. Almost everyone and I am not exaggerating, hunts around us, so moral dilemma mingle with the hunters and make new friends or stay at home and become a recluse?!!!!

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