Sunday, 29 November 2009

Not What it Said on the TIn

Well not been on for a while. Been busy. Went off to a Christmas Craft Fair the other day in Carew Castle - it was billed as having lots of craft fairs, music, mince pies and lots of present ideas. As I love Carew I thought let's go. Off we went and paid the usual entry fee (a bit steep I thought where is the festive spirit?) and we walked into the castle area. I began to have worries when a/I could not see anything, bearing in mind the castle is a ruin I was expecting some kind of marquee or the like, but no, b/ I could not hear anything, and/ there was hardly anyone to be seen. Well off we went in search of this fantastic fair. As I climbed up some stairs I heard the music, but it was a CD of carols, I walked into the room and just wanted to walk straight back out. I can only describe it as tat! there was a bit of glitter and that was it Oh no I forgot there was a lady making christmas tree shaped welsh cakes which were nice. In total I think there were about 4 stalls, one of which was selling crystals and pagan things like that. Very nice, very interesting but hardly christmas like! Well to top it off it was also bloody freezing and I hate the cold so I was miserable! No retail opportunity and it was cold. What made it even worse was the pagan lady told Peter that he was an Oak tree, the strongest and most powerful tree inthe forest - god how smug was he for the rest of the day!!!

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