Sunday, 6 December 2009

Eddie and the Big Smoke

Well off we went for a lovely handbag weekend that we had booked when we were still living the handbag life. We had arranged to see Eddie Izzard in Wembley so off we went. We drove up which was not that bad as we basically get on the M4 at the end and get off at the start not that bad but it did take 5 hours! We got in and checked in and then decided to go into the big smoke. On the tube we were watching some young people having a chat about the climate control march that they were going to join - they got chatting to another young person on the tube and after about 10 mins they had arranged to meet up to plan a road trip from Cairo having bought a VW camper van as they are cheap out there! It is only about 4000 miles one of them said, cool the other one said, I have always wanted to go on a road trip, I have got to be back before the end of August as I always go on a family camping trip to Devon!! Oh how the young people live!!
Then we went into the city and had a wander around - I was hoping for a lovely meal with Hubby as Son was left behind for the trip. where did he take me Piggy's cafe for a fry up!!! God he treats me well!!! So I decided to get my own back, off to Harrods for a little drinky I thought. Up to the champagne bar for a glass of fizzz....£15 a glass. When I sat down I did feel guilty, but Hubby must have felt even more guilty as he made me stay!! Then we were in the food hall and I turned around only to come face to face with Christiano Ronaldo!! that made up for the Piggy's breakfast. Then off to see Eddie Izzard who was fantastic. But having had a lovely handbag weekend I really did miss my cheese. It was so busy there, so many people, so dirty, I really wanted to come home to my lovely fresh Pembrokeshire air. It was nice to go away and have a bit of handbag but oh I realised that the cheese was better.

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