Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It feels right!

Well had another lovely weekend in London with good friends having lunch at one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants - it was a really incredible experience that I will never ever forget. The food was incredible and the service fantastic. We had a table in the kitchen, the chef's table, so it was something very different. We then went on to a bar and had some cocktails - all very handbag. The next day we did a bit of culture at the British Museum and walked around London a little before coming home. Now although I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I have to say I was wandering around London like some true country bumpkin - it was busy, people rushing everywhere all the time, it was noisy and most of all it was so dirty. Although I liked it I did long for home, I was so looking forward to driving down the lane and seeing our house. So as I sit here with my glass of wine, watching the fire with Hubby, Son, Eric and Esther around me I think WOW how much has changed since last year. This time last year Hubby and I were getting ready to go to New Zealand and we were dreading having to come back home to Oxford and face the daily grind. But we didn;t have to and we came back home to plan our new life in Wales. And as I sit here typing I think yes it does feel so right, it does feel so comfortable and I feel settled. I am looking forward to a lovely Christmas with family and friends and a Happy New Year in our lovely new home.

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