Sunday, 26 July 2009

Moonlight Boat Trip

Well this is the first real weekend here in Pembrokeshire and what a weekend!
We had our first friends visiting us and we could not have planned things better...just after they arrived one of our neighbours popped in and offered us a lift back from the pub if we were going that evening. We thought it would be a nice thing to do so off we went to the pub, had a fantastic evening with the kids paddling in the high tide. Then home time, i was looking for a car but oh no we were having a lift home in a boat! Yes a boat! Not being known for my love of boats those close to me were amused at the thought of me on a boat. Well I shocked them all and actually enjoyed the 35 min trip. The moon and stars were out and I even saw a shooting star. We stepped off the quay onto the boat at the start and I didn't give a second thought as to how I was going to get off at the other end. The boat stopped MILES AWAY from the edge of the water and all lovely thoughts went out of my head very quickly. Then the boatman got into a rowing boat and paddled off - mmm I thought I have only met this man once before and here I am marooned in the middle of the estuary on a boat, literally up a creek without a paddle...but he came back with a bigger boat and rescued us.

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