Saturday, 4 July 2009

Final Days

Well we are all exchanged now and it is the last weekend that I will be in Oxford. I have to say I think in my mind I have already moved. Everytime I drive back to Oxford I think yep made the right decision. It is so busy, so crowded etc. Our new neighbours have moved in and they are noisy, and there will be more noise to come! I am a great believer in Karma and our buyer deserves all she gets for trying to beat us down on price the day before we exchanged!! Ha Ha or as our estate agent said Tough Titty! I have a few little worries about Owen settling in and making friends as he has lots of friends who are close by here but he is a popular little boy. The Handbag Demon is also niggling away at me saying are you sure? there are not many shops! but well the practical side of me says there is always the internet!
May take me a while to get back on as I will be offline until the new service is up and running!

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