Saturday, 8 August 2009

Broken LandRover

The company car goes back on Monday and then the consequences of our new life will hit more free petrol, services, car. So I thought I would take the Land Rover out to practice using it. I drove it around the lanes, it went quite well. Storming up the hill in 4th. Put the radio on it made lots of noise but I didn't have time to sort that out as I could not shut the door properly and I ad to make emergency repairs. I got out tried for ages and could not shut it so I had to drive up the hill with my arm casually resting out the window - in reality I was pressing my arm down with all my strength so the door would not fly open around the corners. Came back and Son dobbed me in straight away to Hubby who cursed a few times and pretented he knew what he was doing but nothing. Oh I thought lets consult that lovely clean and shiny "How to rebuild your Land Rover " book we bought off Amazon. I found the door latch page and it could have been written in Welsh - it made absolutely no sense to me at all. So determined not to let this first obstacle trip me up I went out and examined the good door and went back and fore for several minutes. I got my hands oily and well I hate to boast but I FIXED IT! So with a smug little look on my oil stained face I went off to tell Hubby!

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