Thursday, 20 August 2009

A fine day out!

Well the boys dropped me off at work and went to the Pembrokeshire County Show today - I thought they would last an hour or so but they left at 8.30 and picked me up at 5!!! they saw the pig show, horses, gun dogs, and tractors....they even gave me a gift or two - a cheesy gift of bulbs for the garden and a handbag gift of a new pair of red Croc wellies which I can put on very easily and quickly to feed the chooks!! I have a pair of green Hunters (you are not a true country person without a pair of these!) but you can't just get in and out of those. So I found myself walking down the garden with red Crocs on, my trug and my pink spotty gloves on (what a picture of domestic bliss )to clean the chicken poo out of the chook house...nice eh. I must admit I sat in the garden for a while thinking that even I find it hard to believe that I am quite content cleaning the poo out. To top the day off we finally managed to get a pie at the local pub pie night, last week we were too late and the pies had all gone, tonight we were early but the grumpy landlord told us we could have one if we were gone within the hour - was it the smell of chicken poo that made him say this?! Left Hubby his cleaning instructions for tomorrow as we have guests - will he come up to my standards....


  1. Hi Peter. I got your blog off Rachel Hiscock at work. Just wanted to say good luck for the future (I was on holiday when you were given your farewell). Hopefully you have a great time. If you are ever in the vacinity please drop off half a dozen eggs off at Weybridge for me :-) Cheers, Andrew (Wilson) - Sony

  2. Thanks Andrew, when our egg empire is up and running you will be on the list!