Thursday, 6 August 2009

Chicken Run

A cheese day. Our new chickens arrived today! The next step in the life in the country. We opened the box and waited for them to come out - first we called Logan aka Wolverine as he(she) was the bravest! Then came Orla (Orla Kierly handbag theme here), then Chamy after the Chamoix Express in La Plagne and last Meg. We all lay there ex townies with Country Life smiles watching as they came out and pecked around the garden. Of course when we called them they would all trot into their new home for the night, happy little hens in their new home. Then reality dawned as we chased the buggers around the garden. God did you know chickens were so fast and could jump so high! We got the first two, the third Meg was a little bit challenging, but Chamy.....she hid in the hedge. So I had my rubber gloves on, and a thick fleece to stop the stinging nettles - and with the help of the boys we got her in... not a very handbag moment at all but very good fun!

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