Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Gone off cheese!

Update on the roof - seems OK well the official consultant aka my Dad jumped up and down a lot on the roof and said those boards are not holding that up it looks ok, Well convinced me to divert funds into nice curtains and the like!
Cheese life is beginning to frustrate the hell out of me at the moment - the walls are so bloody thick on the house that my so called WiFi anywhere system will not work unless I have the hub at full extension around the corner, and then my dingle dongle or whatever you call it stretched at full capacity, then whilst standing on one leg with my arm in the air (ok a bit of exaggeration here) I can just about get it to work. Then bloody digital - we have switched over here or switched off in our case. ITV, C4 and all the other decent channels are like a nun;s knickers, on and off depending on what the weather is like!! So that buggers up my series link..... oh for those handbag tv days.
Anyway getting really excited as going off on a shopping expedition soon, without Owen to a big shopping centre with a JOHN LEWIS!!! 10 sleeps to go..

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