Friday, 7 August 2009

E-bay Purchase

Well yet another purchase for our new life - a poly tunnel! Oh there was a time when I bought Boden clothes or handbags off e-bay, now I am using e-bay to buy a polytunnel - can't wear it, can't carry my lippy in it, but Hubby assures me it is good for growing things in........ we will wait to see what it is like when it arrives. To me it looks like something the Teletubbies live in.

Chickens came out of the house today and were still speaking to us after the trauma of yesterday. A friend texted me and told me I could have called them after Take That so a bit gutted that I did not think about that at the time! They certainly have personalities Orla and Logan appear to be the conformers, Chamy seems to do as she pleases but Meg she is trouble! Wish we had bought them years ago as we would have saved so much money in electricity and Wi games, son just sat and watched them for most of the morning.

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