Thursday, 10 September 2009

Reminding ourselves

Had a funny old day today - missed home today well not Oxford, but my friends. Popping out for a coffee with them etc. Keeping up to date with e-mails, calls and texts but not quite the same. So on my home I thought, sun is shining (about bloody time), let's remind ourselves why we have made this big life changing decision. So I rang Hubby and said stop making tea we are going out. We all jumped into the Land Rover and drove to Pembroke, picked up fish and chips x 3 and drove to the beach. We all sat on the headland looking over the beach, watching the sun setting over the cliffs with a beautiful calm blue sea. Son said "if we were in Oxford now we would see cars, houses and hear the ambulances", but we weren't in Oxford and we could see sand, sea, sun and hear the crickets. We said to each other Now that is why we moved here!


  1. Bliss - cant think of anything better, but where was the lager??

  2. Driving a Land Rover dahling - have to concentrate!