Sunday, 27 September 2009

Handbag and Cheese Weekend

Had a lovely weekend with friends. Handbag moments on the beach with a latte and Hello Bliss! Came back and Son and friend sat on Hubby's lap and took it in turns to drive the Landy around the field. Little things that make you smile. I really do feel that we have been so lucky and have so made the right decision. Went back to Oxford last weekend and drove up the road paralell to our old house and just did not feel the need to go past the house. That is an old chapter in the book and we are on to a new one. Good to know a decision is a right one - it would have been a bloody nightmare if it had felt wrong!! Had a cheesey day today picking sloes to make sloe vodka for friends and family for Xmas, Need to keep the costs down.

Cats have now arrived Eric and Esther(did not choose the names!) they are so sweet. The rescue lady said we have to keep them in their cages for three weeks - I feel so cruel. They appear to be handbag cats as they are not liking the cheap cat food I have bought them!

Interesting bird at the bird feeder today - Good old Meg not as stupid as she looks!

Latest score on the rat wars - Humans 2 (1 rat and 1 mouse) Rats 1 (took peanut butter from the trap)

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  1. my cakes seemed to do the trick on the trap front when we had vermin in the cottage.....