Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Disappointing Handbag

Well I had been VERY excited about the Bank Holiday weekend as we were going on a trip to a shopping centre without son. Not just any shopping centre but one with John Lewis in it! I could hardly contain myself! Started off well managed to squeeze a little facial in on Friday and then balanced that with a session cleaning out the chicken house! The left over facial oil managed to mask the smell of the poo - it isn't that bad really.

Up at 6.30am the next morning to make the most of the shopping - had to drive 5 hours as picking son up after his holiday so didn't want to have a short shopping trip. Hubby and I had vouchers to burn in our pockets. M&S, JL and Blacks how very exciting. Alas it was not to be - purchased a new phone from JL( hardly handbag material) but could not find anything to buy with other vouchers - I was desperate to part with them - I mean when would I get this opportunity again?! But no the boxes of "things that I need" still unopened in the sheds were telling me not to be too hasty, and the people everywhere were beginning to annoy me....... so vouchers went back in purse/wallet for another day or perhaps a internet shop. Now 6 months ago I would have spent spent spent - but now? is the cheese beginning to take over?!

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  1. well done!! kepp those vouchers in the pockets, but check the expiry date as I have noticed they run out these days :o(
    One solution might be that if you just CANT find things to purchase, what about sharing the vouchers with those of your friends who are still handbag gurus? I am quite sure we would happily take them off your hands ;o)