Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I am a country girl!

Popped down to the chooks to lock them up tonight - picture the scene. red crocks, tracky bottoms and a head torch. It is dark, actually very dark in the country you know. I heard a noise as I was approaching the hen house and I thought OH MY GOD a rat........ As I walked up to the run I saw it scampering away from me. First thoughts S**T, second thought MY CHOOKS - do rats eat chooks?! Could I put my hand in the run and lock them up for the night and run the risk of the RAT coming within ten feet of my hands. Well I didn;t have to worry the RAT was more frightened of me - it scampered about trying to find a way out of the run and then climbed up the side of the run and out through the top. It sat there long enough for me to see how big the thing was. I have been spending the last week or so trying to stop the bloody thing dug under the run and the cheekly little bugger has been climbing up the side! Well throughout all this I did not scream which just goes to show that I am now a country girl, it is official. I have passed the first test. I went back in the house to tell Hubby and Son and we all decided it was time for a trap!


  1. Rats definitely eat chooks if thet are hungry enough, starting with their feet on the perch, best take the 12 bore with you. Hope you are enjoying the country life, we've been on home grown veg since May and 6 ex battery hens arrive next weekend ask Pete to drop us an email, Ron or

  2. Oh god that sounds disgusting!! Traps are out tonight and also taken delivery of two outdoor farm cats. The fight is on...