Sunday, 6 September 2009

Better Delivery than Tesco!

Had friends down this weekend so took them to the local where we met our neighbour with the boat. "Do you want any rabbits?" he said. "Oh yes please" I said. " Dead ones" he said. Still I said yes please not wanting to sound too much of a towny. The next morning son came running into the bedroom saying we had to get up and have a look out of the window - we did and found two fluffy rabbits, hanging from the porch! What a nice sight that was for our visitors!, little pool of blood forming on the floor. So I rushed to get the Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall cook book for instructions and read them out to Hubby as he skinned it and chopped it up for the freezer. Very proud of Hubby not sure I could have done it. Better delivery than Tesco - order and delivery within 12 hours, free and no carrier bags! How green is that!

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