Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Well have been out of action for a while and this blog entry is going to be thoughtful. My Mum was taken into hospital very suddenly at the weekend with a tumour on her spine - her mobility had been deteriorating rather quickly and now we know the reason why. Monday was a dreadful day while I waited for news on how her operation went, it was the longest 8 hours of my life so far. Went to see her yesterday and she looks well and is able to move her legs which is something she has not really been able to do for several months. They are testing the tumour to see if it is cancerous but they removed it all so that is good news. For those people who could not understand why we decided to give up a "good lifestyle" and a good income, well there really is more to life than that. We are happy in Pembrokeshire, we don't want anything, we need a few things but we are not penniless and can afford the little things that make you smile such as tickets to see Wales v Italy next weekend. More than that though it is being closer to family and after this weekend I am so glad that I am closer to my Mum and Dad. So thought for the blog - don't take your loved ones for granted and give them an extra special hug

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