Sunday, 28 March 2010

I don't want to be picky but........

Well one of the sacrifices I made when moving down here was to work full time again. I have to say it has not been as bad as I thought actually, helped by the fact that Hubby became a House Hubby when we moved down here. I don't have to worry about inset days for Son, pick up from clubs, cooking dinner, ironing, washing and cleaning. WOW! yes I think everyone should have a House Hubby it is Fab!

Not only has there been a change of job for Hubby since we moved down here but a change in attitude, when something needed fixing at home it was often left for as long as possible until my Dad came down to do it! Now not only are things getting fixed, but things are getting made too! We have a hanger for the tools in the shed, a wood store to name a few. Even my Dad is impressed at this change in hubby. Onto the food, well not only do we have fresh home made bread, but I came home on Friday to find that the bread maker had been put to one side and Hubby had made it by hand!!! Not only that but it was from Nigella's Domestic Goddess book - or should I say Domestic God! No wonder I have been married to this God for 17 years this year - I have very lucky indeed finding him. But and yes there is always a but....... although he does all this and does clean, he does not "do" the surfaces, skirtings or cobwebs. Am I being a bit picky? yes I think I probably am!

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