Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Scavenger Hubby and the Domestic Goddess

Role reversal has happened yet again and I find myself taking on the role of Domestic Goddess - I cannot stop baking - as I am still in fat club the product of my baking is farmed out to neighbours and work. I am baking cakes, muffins, banana bread and lovely New Zealand brekkies! I even had a cake stand from John Lewis (who else please?!) for my birthday. When I brought it home and showed Hubby he asked what is was - it was very obvious what it was. I told him it was a cake stand as I had always wanted one -- oh really he said funny enough I seemed to have forgotten how many times you mentioned that you would like one of these. Well what I meant really is I always looked at those lovely magazines with bunting and lovely sheds and things in the garden, white muslin blowing in the wind and a cake stand on the beautifully laid table and I thought oh I would like that it looks nice.... well I now have the cake stand and soon the bunting. I have my eye on the old brown shed too a lick of pastel paint (in this season apparently) and Bobs your uncle! I even have my sewing machine back out - how times have changed - mmm he says. Hubby on the other hand is turning into my Dad and scavenging things to make things out of - oh he says coming home with some old pallets I can make a tool holder out of one of those, or a grow bag stand out of this....mmmmm. But to top it all he came home the other day with half a tree in the back of his landy - he had driven past it several times and it was just calling out to him to bring it home to make things out of and to burn some of it. So he went back with his trailer and chain saw and cut it up. There was so much of it that his saw was blunt and he had to stop - but at least he asked the farmer if he could have it. So in the large shed we now have lots of wood - which Hubby describes as "table", "stool" "trendy square block of wood thingy that you see in Living etc " mmmm I said!

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  1. Ahh, we also seem to have men with wood fetishes... every bit has to be saved as it's 'valuable stuff' and I suppose it is :)