Monday, 3 May 2010

Now that's a nice hedge!

Our car journeys used to consist of "Oh that's a nice car, I think it is an Aston Martin DB9 I would prefer it in graphite How about you?" " Oh I think it has to be British Racing Green" or "Look at that house that is enormous" or even if driving in a city "Oh look she is carrying a Mulberry" but how things have changed since moving down here. We drove to Brecon yesterday and the main things you could hear in the car were....."Now that is the Landy we need, look it is a long wheel base and has a pick up at the back!" "Yes but would you go for the pick up or just the back where the seats can come out?" "Mmm, not sure but it would have to have checkerboard on it", or "look at those pigs, now they have shade, I am sure ours should have some shade" or Hubby has recently focused on hedges! "Look at that hedge, that is a nice hedge, see he has put the uprights in to stop it from falling over" or "See he has tried to do that hedge, but he hasn't left any connection to the tree base so it will just die!" or " See how they differ up here in Brecon, they leave them a little longer" or just simply "Nice Hedge!"

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