Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Duck Guilt

Should you feel guilty about a duck? That is the question that is causing me some brain ache at the moment. It all started with Banjo the rescue duck who we homed as he was being picked on by our neighbours ducks. He has settled in well with the chooks and seems to be thriving. He is an Indian Runner Duck. We have a pond in the garden and he loves it, really loves it, he splashes around, quacking away to his hearts content. The dilemma is when we leave the chooks and Banjo to roam the garden they eat all my plants. So questions are:
1. Should I leave them roam the garden eating my plants so that Banjo can have a splash?
2. Should I leave them in the their run with a little trug of water for Banjo to splash in and save my plants?
3. Should I leave Banjo out to get at the pond and leave the plant eating chooks in their run? Will Banjo get separation anxiety?
4. Should I even be bothered about their feelings?
5. Have I gone all soft since I moved to the country?


  1. I think you should save the plants and enjoy a lovely meal of crispy duck with pancakes followed by sweet and sour chicken....job done!

  2. I think we will especially as they have now eaten the poor little seedlings that had just recovered from their last munching. Hubby last seen throwing a table cloth at the chooks and shouting "bastards"