Saturday, 30 January 2010

Where has the handbag gone?

Well retail therapy opportunity on Wednesday when I went on a course to Cardiff where the UK's second largest John Lewis is. Fab - an opportunity to utilise the late night shopping and pop in for a few hours. So off I went, tolerated the course and then shot off to JL. Not quite sure what was wrong with me - I allowed myself several hours before the train home, but well I was killing time...... yes that is right I was killing time in JL. I wandered around and looked at things and thought I don't want them, what do I want that for? I don't need that. I thought we have so much stuff that we need to sort out we don't need anything else, I even, wait for it, this is the most shocking of all........
walked past the handbag section!!!!!! yes that is correct I WALKED PAST THE HANDBAG SECTION.....without STOPPING!!!!!!
How times have changed over the last 6 months, you wouldn't have caught me doing that back last year. I did purchase of course but look at what I bought:
4 x serving spoons - Essential Items
1 x jar of sweeties - Essential pressie for Son
1 x lined pad - Essential purchase for Son's school project

THAT IS ALL!!!! well I did manage to have a latte - they don't call me the Latte Queen for nothing!

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  1. The metamorphosis is are now officially a country bumpkin!! Get awf my land.