Friday, 15 January 2010

Black Friday: Cheese is hard

Well the idyl of country life has been shattered, and I have been slapped in the face with a very large book of reality. My Chooks, my girls are dead! Luckily for me I slept late this morning so Hubby went to let them out, he rang me in work to tell me that a fox had got the lot of them! Well I tried to hold it together after all they are only feathered birds that lay eggs, a little tear trickled out of my eye but then I had a meeting with my boss so I had to hold it together. I was also in shock I mean all four of them what the hell happened. Hubby informed me that the fox, who must have been in the SAS with extra safe cracking skills, had not only managed to get into one door, but had also managed to lift the other door and climb into the house. He killed all four of my girls, leaving two behind. My lovely Hubby cleaned everything away so that I did not have to face it when I got home, although he has warned me that it looks like the chainsaw massacre inside the house. So am I a softy, well not really, I realise life in the country is hard and that it is the circle of life and all that crap, but well they were my girls. In the morning I would let them out and they would come clucking out and follow me around. As the sun was setting and the haze shimmering over the fields, I would cluck at them down the garden and they would come running out, following me down the garden, pecking at my ankles....sorry got a bit Mills and Boon then didn't I?! So what did Son say? he said well the next lot you should not treat so much like pets, Did my Hubby bury them on no he chucked them over the hedge!!!! Country life is hard!

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