Sunday, 10 January 2010

Can you teach a cat to hunt?

OK the outdoor killer cats, who are now indoor cats, are not killing rats! They are not doing what it says on the tine. The rats seem to have gone but no sign of any dead ones recently, however Eric (chief hunter) has managed to kill/catch the following:
one blue dead - dead
one robin - dead
two blackbirds - one dead one rescued
one bat - rescued
too many shrews to count - all dead
one mole - dead
one mouse - dead

Can you train them with pictures or photos of rats with the word food printed on it? Can you tell them that they are eating rat Whiskas when you feed them? The thing is birds are lovely and it is the winter and we are trying to feed them to keep them alive - it appears however that we are simply luring them down to Eric's banqueting table. OH well - it is nature after all!

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