Sunday, 7 February 2010


Well the WI night has happened...did I enjoy it? well yes actually I am slightly ashamed to say that I did. WI is Good! When we arrived we were the youngest by at least 15 - 20 years and the committee members were seated at a table in front of us - the Chair wearing pearls just as I expected! She then started to read the newsletter out word for word and I started to have the giggles as she told us that if we were joining the beading workshop we would have to take something soft, a needle, some glue and something to bring your work home in! Well I immediately had a vision of Acorn Antiques and had to bite my lip to stop the giggles coming out. Then the door opened and about five more ladies came in who were all in their 40's so things were looking up! Yes I have to admit it that I am now in that age group myself - hard to believe it I know!

After paying our subs and getting our voucher book I began to look through to see what I could have a discount off - scooters (not kiddy ones), anti ageing cream and tena incontinence pads......mmm lovely. Things did start to look up when a lady came in to talk about make up and I had my make up professionally done - very nice indeed. One of the ladies said that Hubby would not believe I had gone to the WI as I was coming home all done up as if I had been out somewhere I shouldn't have been (what was going on in her mind?!) To make the evening even better I won third prize with my pretty toilet bag. So discussions started on what activities we could plan for the rest of the year ....someone piped up that we could all go on a trip to the local refuge tip to see where our recycling went. Despite this I will persevere as I met about 6 neighbours that I wouldn't have met otherwise. As someone said to me WI What has happened? but actually I enjoyed meeting people of different ages that I would probably not socialise with, and I now know more of my neighbours than I did in Oxford even though I lived there for 10 years. So next month the competition is " A holiday souvenir" I can hardly wait.

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