Sunday, 12 September 2010

A year later.....

Well one year on and what has changed? Well Hubby and I sat down and asked ourselves this question the other night over a glass or two of wine and this is what we thought...

1. I didn't work on Fridays - I do now
2. Hubby was stressed with high blood pressure - his blood pressure has dropped and he is not stressed
3. I cycled to work - I don't now
4. Hubby spent 3 hours + on the M25 - he doesn't now
5. Son had 34+ in his class - he has 24 in there now
6. Weekends flew by in Oxford - they don't now
7. Our income was 2/3rds higher
8. We were careless with money, spending alot of it on stuff we didn't really want /useless tat - we are carefull with money now and really think hard about things before we buy them
9. Son had less freedom - he has loads more now
10. We didn't feel part of the community and didn't know many of our neighbours - we really feel we belong and know all our neighbours
11. We had no animals - we now have 4 chooks, two cats, two pigs and two sheep
12. Hubby and I were 3stone heavier between us - we are 3 stone lighter now!
13. We took a lot of things for granted - we really appreciate things now
14. We were always rushing around - we seem to have more time to do things now
15. We dreamed about having a smallholding - we have one now!
16. We were happy - we are really very happy now

......and we are really pleased we took the leap

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